Covid19 Compass Signage Augmented Reality Toolkit

AR is the term for a series of technologies that superimpose a computer-generated image that creates a composite experience that’s partly real-world and partly digitized.


  • Enhances motivation and increases information retention:

    - Interactive, multi-dimensional formats provides a more dynamic presentation that makes an impression
  • Improves spatial-relation understanding:

    - Social distancing in a workplace environment is less likely to be successful if the viewer can’t tangibly relate information to their physical surroundings.

    - AR translates any physical object into a 3-D rendering, which simplifies the process of integrating and retaining information because it helps make concepts more tangible for the viewer.


  • 24 signs (8 different sign types for 3 different styles)

    - Corporate, Healthcare and Safety
  • Immediate and Real-time

    - Information is readily absorbed by viewers with different learning styles
  • Engaging

    - Rather than passively reading manuals and signs, these are interactive
  • Easy to use

    -Tablet or smartphone compatible


KEI’s COVID-19 COMPASS Signage Toolkit Our toolkit will help you post physical signs to visually guide employees and encourage the implementation of best practices.

Signs can be used for a variety of COVID-19 messaging from encouraging social distancing in offices and advocating frequent hand washing, to highlighting notifying clients of temporary closures, posting newly released state restrictions and mandates, and much more.


As businesses look at opening up again post COVID-19, the big question on employers’ and employees’ minds is how employers can help make their employees and clients feel safe coming back to work? 

The Kolar Experience Institute™ (KEI) developed the COVID-19 COMPASS survey as a part of a broader platform to guide the return to the workplace. Providing tools, training, technology and trend analysis on what people are thinking, feeling and saying of their COVID-19 experience.

These insights are especially valuable at a time where people are experiencing a lot of uncertainty and loss in their personal and professional lives. Employers need an empathy-based approach in understanding how their employees feel about going back to work, and how they can better respond to their employee’s anxiety. 


KEI’s COVID-19 COMPASS survey analyzes and guides employers understanding of their employee’s perceptions and sentiments regarding the return to work following COVID-19. 


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KEI™ COVID-19 Signage Toolkit