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Growth & Development

  • As businesses pivot, some employees will have to learn new skills while others are experiencing full-scale job changes (McKinsey)

Knowledge Transfer

  • 23% of baby boomers have or are considering retiring early as a result of COVID-19
    TD Ameritrade)
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Culture Building

  • Estimated 25-30% of workforce will be working from home by end of 2021
    Global Workplace Analytics)

  • Adopting digital learning increases sense of community and collaboration for work colleagues (McKinsey)
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Duty of Care

  • Corporate law firms are recommending a "duty of care" approach to minimize liability and show empathy
  • To minimize risk, employees should be quizzed for comprehension and ask to sign "I Agree"
  • Many states have mandates that require all employees be trained, some with hefty fines

Harassment & Bias-Free Workplace

Harassment Prevention (Supervisor)

Compliant in all states including CA, NY and IL

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